Villa Maria Fargo
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A Care Philosophy of


We are the people of Catholic Healthcare, fostering deep respect for the uniqueness of each person.

We believe that aging is a lifelong process.



Are purposely developed and nurtured among residents, families, staff, and community. Consistent care for a designated group of individuals enhances the personalization and continuity of care. This builds trust and meaningful relationships throughout the team.



Is homelike and hospitable. Our facility is home for most residents. In the spirit of hospitality, we provide a homelike environment that enhances socialization, independence, and dignity. Environmental adaptations, programming and educational efforts contribute to a homelike atmosphere.



Stewardship of our resources is using responsibly all that we have been given. Human, fiscal and material stewardship is the foundation of our mission. We value these God given gifts. We seek to develop and utilize them for the benefit of the whole community.


eople Directed

Maximizing choices enables people to have control of their lives and is essential to maintain human dignity. Residents are the key decision makers of their care with staff assisting them to carry out their wishes. We focus on rights and responsibilities rather than on rules and schedules. Flexibility is necessary so care can be truly individualized.



We are guided by the Ethical & Religious Directive for Catholic Healthcare in all our decision-making. We act on behalf of justice for all, especially for the most vulnerable in society.


ompassionate Care

Each person’s life is of utmost value and deserves respect and care at all stages of life. Individuals vary in their response to aging and to chronic health conditions. We focus on health and wellness while assisting in areas where support and healing are needed. We attend to the whole person emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically. Interventions will promote growth and independence and maximize each individual’s potential.


eamwork and Dedication

All team members are individually responsible and accountable to promote an atmosphere of service and open communication between residents, family and staff. We commit ourselves to the common good by serving with joy and integrity. Moral commitment to truth, responsibility, purpose, trust and professionalism guides us in our daily mission.