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Intergenerational Program


The Villa Maria Childcare Center was opened in March 1980 and is governed and operated by the Villa Maria Resident Council. The idea of having children in the nursing home setting was appealing, as children are a natural part of most people’s “home” environment and the goal of Villa Maria is to be as homelike as possible. Thus, the children have much contact with the residents of the home; sending or hand-delivering cards for the hospitalized residents or on birthdays, visiting one-to-one in resident’s rooms, and participating in group activities together. The residents become wonderful adoptive grandparents for the children and form special relationships that are beneficial to both the elderly and the children. This is a unique opportunity for many children who do not have grandparents in their lives.


The Villa Maria childcare center is open to help fill a need for your family. We work at providing an environment that is comfortable for the young child and at the same time provides appropriate stimulation for their age group. Each child is respected as an individual and we work to meet its needs in a personalized fashion.


Bingo GameAn environment that is:

  • Physically safe, clean and healthful (including nutritious food)
  • Emotionally warm and supportive
  • Comfortable and functional
  • Rich sensorimotor and social experiences
  • Available for extensive exploration, manipulation and discovery of objects
  • Available for social relationships with adults and other children
  • Consistent and predictable

Stimulation that is:

  • Self-initiated
  • Other-initiated
  • Object or environment initiated

Self determined cycles of activity, rest, and relaxation

A sense of security, leading to a sense of autonomy, effectiveness, and competence

Freedom and opportunity to develop at one’s own pace, accompanied by adult and environmental support & guidance toward self control, responsibility and mastery

Children at the Villa

“ Having my son at my workplace is an unbelievable benefit. I get to do my work and I do not miss him growing up”

- Steph D.

“ The closeness of our center (children and staff) is a major plus, we become more like a family”

- Michele G.

“ Having our center in the middle of a nursing home exposes the children to all walks of life. I think it can really open their minds to new experiences”

- Audrey S.